"Switching to the NBNi digital platform has rocket-fuelled our digital sales turnover and profitability. The increased operational efficiency, the better negotiated  discount terms, and the greater range and discoverability of our digital products, has delivered consistent double digit growth since we partnered with NBNi in October 2016."

- Peter Bennett, Finance Director, Zed Books


NOTE: As of the 1st May 2020 the UK government has announced that VAT no longer applies on ebooks sold within the United Kingdom. At NBNi we updated our systems immediately to reflect the change. Please note that this only affect ebooks sold within the UK - VAT is still applicable depending on where the end customer resides.


NBN International provides a fully managed ebook distribution and sales service, providing simple comprehensive access to the digital market. We help over 100 publishers in the UK, Europe and the US sell digital content quickly and painlessly to a global network of libraries and retailers, and direct to end-customers.

Our reputation for excellence in physical distribution and vast experience of the publishing industry supply chain make NBNi the obvious choice for publishers seeking a complete and reliable ebook distribution service designed to minimise overheads and maximise sales potential.

We understand that flexibility is important. Publishers with existing digital programmes and those entering the market for the first time benefit from tailored solutions built from the following features:

We're also pleased to announce that we can now also distribute audiobooks on behalf of clients, accommodating one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry - get in touch today for more on this.


•    unlimited content and metadata distribution to leading library and retail vendors
•    fully managed vendor relationships and ongoing recruitment
•    content and metadata quality control for compliance with vendor requirements
•    processing of vendor sales reports and collection of payments
•    managed international VAT submissions and US tax withholding


•    ebook sales direct to end customers 
•    DRM protected downloads and secure real-time credit card processing
•    simple integration with publisher’s website to enable hosted ebook store
•    inspection/review copy handling


•    comprehensive reporting website
•    online portal for easy management of ebook files and metadata
•    competitive ebook conversion rates via US partner
•    customised data feeds and title management service
•    distribution of metadata to major data aggregators and catalogue services
•    delivery to the British Library Electronic Legal Deposit

Following our acquisition by the Ingram Content Group in 2017 we'll be making new and exciting announcements on our digital strategy in the near future, allowing our client publishers to take advantage of some of the dynamic and powerful services Ingram has both developed, and are developing, today.    

For more on NBNi Digital and what it can do for you contact our Digital Services and IT Manager David Eagle.